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In 1992 was die Boere Afrikaner mislei en verraai deur veral die drie menere. Hulle het n leidende rol gespeel in Kodesa met die onderhandelings en die oorgang na n sogenaamde demokrasie.

Dink julle hulle het opreg onderhandel vir ons Boere Afrikaners ?
Dink julle hulle het die regte besluite gemaak ?
Dink julle hulle het eerder geldelik en vir hulself onderhandel?
Voel julle verraai deur hulle?
Wat is julle gevoel oor mense wat hulle eie mense uitverkoop?



A race row has erupted again after certain private messages sent by the Judge Mabel Jansen to the liberal Gillian Schutte in 2015, was leaked to the media. Schutte is a well known rabidly racist anti-white “activist”.
The initial reaction from the Black Intelligentia was expectedly a blanco denial of Judge Jansen’s experiences and condemnation of her that she is a racist. But very soon thereafter a problem started to emerge for Schutte and her hategroup.
See, the statistics proves the judge is right. SA is known as the rape capital of the world. Every three seconds a woman is rape. We have the highest child rape statistics on Earth. And the perpetrators are in the vast majority of cases black males.
As counterpoint, a narrative is being built that “makes white men also complicit” in pointing to a few incident of child sex monsters and pedofiles reported on recently.
Here is the difference Gillian: White people condenm White perpetrators of rape, child molesting. We see them as sick monsters and they are ostracised from our communities.
But where is the same reaction from the Black community about Black rapist? There is none, there is n rape culture amongst that community, that is being ignored or even condoned in the name of tribal tradition.
Wake up and smell the roses Gillian. You just opened a can of worms now that you won’t be able to close again.